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Lee Beever



In the day, Lee is a game design lecturer at the University of Chester. At night he works on ensuring the games are exciting, fun and building them from the ground up.


Code and design.

Antony O'Sullivan



Antony is a Games Lecturer at West Cheshire College. He is project artist for all of Moonlit Games' titles.


Art and design

Super Battle Arena

Super BLAM Arena is a fast paced local multiplayer game that supports 2-4 players. If Super Smash Bros and a twin stick shooter had a baby, this would be it.

Playing as a not so cute animal, fighting in the battle arena your job is to stay alive and smash your opponents off of the platforms. Punish your friends with your ranged attacks before getting in close for the final smash. Before long you'll master the art of close quaters combat and you'll smash your opponents halfway to the moon and back.

Whether you go for the simple horizontal smash or instead juggle your opponent in the air, you'll have fun getting the upper hand over your friends.

Super BLAM Arena will be coming to PC and Mac in the near future. Sign up to our news letter or follow Moonlit Games on twitter to keep up with the news.


You are a Commander in the Intergalactic Planetary Defence Force.  Your mission is to repel the advancing ranks of the [REDACTED]; a deadly race of robotic beings intent on ‘cleansing’ the universe of all biotic life.

As the last bastion of hope against an overwhelming enemy and insurmountable odds, you must employ lightning fast reflexes and tactical decision making to ensure that the IPDF is successful.

You will utilise a heavily armed “Destroyer MKIV Defence Turret” capable of using multiple ammunition types and modifications, designed specifically to aid in dispatching the robotic menace. In addition, you will also be equipped with a range of deployable “Assistance Units” designed to maximise firepower and ordinance on the battlefield.

Lazerus is an iOS title hitting the AppStore 2015.

Good luck Commander.

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